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The internet is a great source of information about family law, the legal profession, the courts and other law-related topics. Here are some of the more helpful websites:

The Superior Court of San Luis Obispo County

(Contains court calendars, i.e., what cases the court will be considering on a given day, court rules, forms, what days the court is closed, a fee schedule and contact information.)

The Superior Court of Santa Barbara County

(Contains the same information as the San Luis County Superior Court website except that it’s for the court in Santa Maria.)

The California Codes

(A handy collection of all of the statutes which govern our State including, of course, the Family Code.)

The Superior Court of San Luis Obispo County – Family Law Procedures and Manual

(The San Luis Obispo Superior Court site contains the local rules which govern all of the different types of cases which are filed in that court including family law cases. This site sets out additional rules which specifically apply only to family law cases.)

The Judicial Council forms

(Any time you want the court to decide an issue for you you’ll have to file the proper document beforehand. The documents you’ll file are called “pleadings”. This site contains a full collection of the pleadings you’ll need to complete your divorce.)

The California State Bar

(This is a good first stop when you’re looking for a lawyer. The State Bar site permits you to type in a lawyer’s name and find out whether that lawyer has ever been disciplined for misconduct.)

California Courts – the Judicial Branch of California

(This is an excellent site which includes an online self-help center, information about jury service and alternative access to court rules, forms and court sites.)

California Rules of Court

(Just to make things perfectly confusing, your divorce has to follow the Family Code, the Family Law Procedures and Manual, the local rules for San Luis Obispo County and the rules which you’ll find at this site, the California Rules of Court which govern all of California’s courts.)


(A legal dictionary.)

The San Luis Obispo County Bar Association

(Lawyers in San Luis Obispo County may be, but are not required to be, members of the county’s bar association. This site includes information on the local bar and, specifically, how to handle fee disputes with your attorney. Special note: you can also use this site to get in touch with the Legal Referral and Information Service. The LRIS can connect you with attorneys in San Luis Obispo County who provide services to clients at reduced rates.)

The San Luis Obispo County Law Library

(The SLO County Law Library is located at the very bottom of the Government Center in San Luis Obispo. The Government Center is located at 1050 Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo, just across from the Fremont Theater. The librarians are not permitted to give you advice but they can show you what texts, tapes or online services might be able to help you find your own answers.)


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